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Rhaegal supports companies of all sizes, from SMBs to multinationals, with their recruitment projects. Our goal's to enhance the user experience and benefits for all involved parties, including candidates, recruiters, and managers.

Take your ATS to the next level

Business expertise 

Our goal is to make your ATS a game-changer in your recruitment success. The consultant team can engage at any stage while you are Building, Running, or Improving your Recruitment Platform tools.


Technical expertise 

Sometimes, the standard could be enough, and sometimes not. With an “à la carte.” approach, we can help you build the Recruiting Platform that meets your specific productivity challenges. 


Change management consultants. 

Adoption all along the Run is a significant challenge for companies that want to maximize the value of their Recruiting Platform and their team performance. The optimization team will ensure a smooth adoption aligned with your ad hoc KPI.

Projects delivered
Qualified consultants
Years of recruiting tech expertise
Get ahead of your hiring goals with

Business expertise

Recruitment expert, intervening at crucial moments in the company's life and defining personalized strategies for the company. By analyzing the market in which it operates, but also its values.


Rhaegal is the sole consulting Firm dedicated to solving Recruitment HR-Tech challenges. Composed of competent consultants on multiple ATS vendors, the team is also proficiently capable of supporting your specific Industry: Retail, Hospitality, New Technologies, Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Public Sector, ...


Rhaegal is your partner of choice to improve your (employer is brand image, team adoption, candidate relationships, KPI, etc.).

CX and UX focus

Recruiting Technologies are numerous, and building a coherent ecosystem (or Recruiting Tech Stack) can be complex.


We help you make it simple to implement solutions that will make your Hiring faster, more qualitative, and compliant, with good feedback from Candidates, Hiring Managers, and Recruiters.

With Rhaegal

By choosing Rhaegal, you gain access to a team of intelligent, experienced, and transparent professionals. They listen to your needs while taking the initiative to move forward and achieve success together. Rhaegal provides a range of services, including:


• Build > Define, implement, and configure your Recruiting Tech Stack 

• Adopt > Ensure appropriate communication and training for your audience 

• Run and Optimize > Challenge, update, or optimize your existing configuration and get your Recruiting Tech Stack with happy users 

• Cloud App > Find more room for ROI with our productivity apps


At Rhaegal, our team exceeds expectations for your needs and fosters a shared vision of innovation and satisfaction among all stakeholders. We believe it's always the right time to get the right people on time and below budget.

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